Euro - Arab Dialogue Institute

The Euro Arab Dialogue Institute is a Swedish non-profit organization and its purpose is to collect funds for promoting intellectual, scientific, cultural and interreligious exchanges for social development and a more humane and democratic society in Egypt.

The purpose of the organization is to support and give allowance to;

  1. Swedish and Egyptian students and researchers for travelling to and studying in Egypt, respectively Sweden
  2. prize for best translated book from Swedish to Arabic and from Arabic to Swedish
  3. conference activities for Egyptian and Swedish university graduates
  4. support translation of Scandinavian literature and dubbing of Swedish and Egyptian films
  5. financial support to Scandinavian Culture Center and Swedish House in Cairo.

Scandinavian Culture Center and Swedish House are run by the Egyptian non-profit association al-Moasasa al-Masreya al-Swedeya (Svensk-Egyptiska institutet). We are looking for cooperation with students, voluntary workers and researchers. We are also looking for cooperation with institutes, organizations, companies, etc for our projects in Egypt.

Swedish Scandinavian Culture Center
The center is a meeting place for Egyptians, who wants to know more about Scandinavia, and where Scandinavians working in Egypt, can meet and develop contacts in Cairo.
We want to increase the knowledge about the Nordic countries for Egyptians, and for Scandinavians to know more about Egypt. The Center offers seminars, conferences, art exhibitions and film-documentaries about the different Scandinavian forms of government, culture and arts.

The Center has a library, a gallery and is the only institution in Africa and Middle East which offers teaching in the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian languages. The Center also has teaching in Arabic for Scandinavians and special courses for Master students in cooperation with Lund University. In the Center there are student lodgings.

Swedish House
Swedish House is a five storey building, situated in Shubra al-Kheima, a poor and polluted area in a suburb to Cairo. Here we initiate

    • living for two Swedish guest students
    • daycare for children when their mothers work or study
    • a center where women can be taught to read and write and also give them a possibility to learn an activity where they can earn money. The goal is to give these women social protection and a higher status in the society.
    • library and place for studying.  


The Swedish organisation

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